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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Flooring in Moses Lake, WA


Are you looking for hardwood flooring near you? A hardwood floor that can even manage Washington’s rainy, humid seasons? Skaug Brothers Carpet One Floor & Home in Moses Lake, WA, is your local hardwood flooring store. We offer diverse hardwood flooring options, including unique, multi-color wood floors with beautiful color variations and extra-wide planks for a farm-style look.


Our local experts will listen to your ideas and help you find a perfect product for your home. We’ll walk you through our flooring samples and explain the benefits of each hardwood flooring brand and type, starting right now!


What Are The Benefits of Having Hardwood Floors?


Taking advantage of the region's dry, sunny climate and design trends makes hardwood an excellent, unique flooring choice for Moses Lake area homes. Here are some benefits of having hardwood flooring in your home:



Hardwood Flooring For Every Style


There are multitudes of hardwood flooring options available on the market today. From the natural, grainy look of white oak to the sleek appearance of maple, our hardwood selection has something for everyone. Styles of hardwood are characterized by plank width, grain, color, and stain. You can also choose hardwood planks with beveled edges and multi-length options. Additionally, you can decide on either pre-finished or unfinished planks and glossy, matte, satin, or semi-gloss looks.


What Species of Hardwood Are There? 


We carry an array of domestic and exotic hardwood species, including:



Every species has its defining features, such as hardness, color, and grain. Over the years, they also display unique transformations, like subtle changes in shade.


What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?


The primary difference between solid and engineered hardwood lies in the construction.



Hardwood Flooring and Humidity


As previously mentioned, humidity isn’t your floor’s friend. Moist and humid weather is part of our reality in Washington State, making it critical to take extra care to protect your hardwood floors. We recommend monitoring your home’s humidity levels and using moisture-control measures like dehumidifiers. An engineered hardwood floor is usually your best bet.


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation in Moses Lake, WA


Solid hardwood floors are perfect for dry, temperature-controlled spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, nurseries, and more. They aren’t recommended in basements or moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered floors can be installed on any level of your home and can oversee spills and humidity, making them suitable for entryways, kitchens, and hallways. You can install it in bathrooms and kitchens without worrying about spills, pet accidents, etc.


We carry the best hardwood flooring in all the top brands. Whether you want a wood floor living room, hardwood floor bedroom, or modern wood floors throughout your home, we have the perfect products. Visit us in Moses Lake, WA, to see our hardwood flooring options.


Contact us to learn more about our hardwood flooring selection. We proudly serve the communities of Moses Lake, Ephrata, Warden, Odessa, Royal City, Ritzville, Coulee City, Soap Lake, George, Othello, Quincy, and Mattawa, WA.

Ten Things to Know About Hardwood

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Herringbone patterned Hardwood Flooring in Living Room with Chair and Table

Why Should I Choose Hardwood Flooring?

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